Greenhouse Church desires to see individuals love God and love people, through living and sharing the Gospel.


  1. Scripture and Gospel: We believe Scripture is God’s Word given to reveal the Gospel, and the ultimate authority for our lives. As such, we study Scripture to know Him and follow Him.
  2. Intimacy with God:  Our personal relationship with God is our highest priority. Because of the Gospel, we are enabled to have intimacy with God by his Spirit, through Scripture, prayer and community.
  3. Missional Living & Service: We desire to love God and people everyday.  We believe all believers have a unique calling and gifting, and that serving will bring joy and glory to God
  4. The Holy Spirit:  We believe the Holy Spirit is at work in the church and the world. The Spirit enables new life and growth, empowering believers for ministry and redemptive acts.
  5. Prayer:  We place highest value on prayer and intercession. Through prayer, we seek to deepen intimacy with God, impact others, and the world.
  6. Small Groups:  We believe that small groups are necessary for spiritual growth, intimate community, mutual ministry and personal transformation. 
  7. Church Planting + Missions:  We believe frontier missions and church planting are central in the redemption world.  We are committed to offering our resources to that end.
  8. Excellence:  We believe excellence honors God and inspires people. We desire to do all things worshipfully and to our fullest ability.