Why Greenhouse?  The Greenhouse Difference

We believe Central New Jersey doesn't need 'just another church', but a church which is different, where skeptics love to attend and mature believers can also grow in spiritual depth.  As such, Greenhouse Church launched in February 2014 with a desire to be a missional church centered around the Gospel, equipping its members to launch new churches for their generations.  

The Gospel is the key for all growth:  New life and growth is a result of centering our lives around Christ and the Gospel.  To that end, we believe the Holy Spirit is active today in revealing God and applying His promises through the Scriptures.  The Gospel is what begins our journey, what keeps us on course, and the destination for all we do.  To learn more about the Gospel, click here.

Outreach is the means to spiritual growth, not only a result of it:  One's growth is often a by-product of focusing on other people first. Corporately, we desire to reach those who are not in the church by investing our lives, time and treasures for them.  Believers grow in their relationship with God when they become conduits for God, focusing on blessing and meeting the needs of others.  

Generational church planting:  We believe that the Great Commission is a church planting commission and that the church needs to be relevent to culture while rooted in Scripture.  To that end, we train our leaders and equip our members with everything they need to know to one day launch new churches for their own and subsequent generation.

What we want to be known for:  Sure, we want to be known as a vibrant and impactful church. But ultimately, we want to be known for our love, as an overflow of God's.  We desire to be welcoming, caring, encouraging and sacrifical to all and before all.