Life Group meeting

Every Monday

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Category: Small Group Meeting

If you haven't heard yet...

Mango life group is spontaneous and full of youthful energy, and a great way to start the week. This life group generally meets on Mondays.

Watermelon life group is sweet and relaxed, and is a nice refresher during the labor of the week. This life group generally meets on Wednesdays.

We also have a life group for our incoming freshmen! This life group generally meets on Tuesdays.

Come, join us as we gather during the week to spend time together, without spending time too gathered! Being at home and working during the week can be draining, but God calls us to live as a community, as a body in Christ. Let’s live for Christ, together!

***Online links will be provided on the day of each life group on our Greenhouse Facebook Group Page ( or on our Facebook group chats! For more information about life groups and to join our Facebook group chats, please contact Wook Rhyu at or David Suh at We will connect you to a life group right away! We look forward to seeing you!!

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