Post-Launch: Tilling the Soil

So we successfully completed the first phase in the planting of greenhouse Church... Over the last few months we've identified and developed a leadership team comprised of deacons and volunteers, branded our ministry (twice!), launched a website, did a public launching and commissioning of the church, and began reaching out to campus ministries at Rutgers University.  Throughout the process God has met all our needs and surpassed every expectation.  We've had a great fellowship retreat in Long Beach Island which led to the baptism of two sisters.  Even the postponing of our launch date produced an unexpected blessing; the launch date of greenhouse church coincided with the 39th year annyversary of the founding of Calvary Church.

And yet, mixed with my thanksgiving, is a sense that the difficult part begins now... I desire for the congregation to become healthy in the Gospel and become a missional church, resulting in our ministry to grow by conversion and not by transfers, primarily. 

There is still much work to be done both in terms of prayer and in terms of administrative and logistical growth.  I would love for our leaders to become strategic in the manner in which they organize and plan events, I would love to make devotionals for our congregationas well as process flows for each ministry.  The difficulty in this season is not to find work to do, rather, it is to have the wisdom to do it in the right sequence. 

So let the season of tilling soil begin.




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