Grumbling and complaining...

Do all things without grumbling or questioning… (Philippians 2:14 ESV)

Everywhere we look, someone is complaining.  Some complain about the economy, others about homework.  Some complain about politicians, others about their parents.  Yet if we believe that God is completely in control, doesn’t this mean that our complaints are ultimately directed towards God?  What we are saying is, “God, I know what is better!  Why can’t You shape up and do what is right!”  
I don’t know about you, but the thought of raising my voice to an all powerful and wise God is daunting.     Today’s verse calls us not grumble and question.  Yet in the Old Testament, may complained to God.  Some were killed and others were comforted.  Which should make us wonder, is there a right way to complain to God?
The answer is in the heart.  One heart grumbles and says, “God, You’re really messing up here!  Fix this, because I know what is better!”  Another heart struggles, saying, “God, I know you are good and wise, but this is just so difficult!  Give me strength!”  Do you see the difference?  One attacks God while the other depends on God.  One comes before God as a critic, the other comes to God as a trusting son or daughter.  Which one is yours?

Spend time today taking inventory of your grumbling or complaining.  What is your heart crying out?  Bring those thing which are a source of complaint in your life before God and let the peace of God give you a peace that transcends understanding.

Father, help me see You as good and wise.  Give me a heart that depends on You and honors You regardless of how difficult things may get.  Amen.

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