Did you do it?

Did you do it?

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. (James 1:22 ESV)

Sometimes believers equate 'knowing more' with 'growing faith'.  Yet, James teaches that if faith does not eventuallyspontaneously or intentionally act out, that that faith is potentially dead faith! Believers must be wary desiring knowledge over action.
Let’s pick up from yesterday’s devotional. Did you do the little that you set out to do? If not, continue that commitment today!
Compared with other parts of the world, followers of Jesus in America have tons of Christian music to listen to, books to read, churches to choose from and pastors who desire to teach them. Today’s verse reveals that with that abundance of knowledge, also comes a call to action.
As you attend gatherings, small groups or church worship services, train yourself to be one who not only hears, but is actively trying to figure out how you can apply what you learn!

And this in response to the Gospel of Jesus, who worked out our salvation on the cross.  He came to fulfill the law, not simply know it.  What do you need to do?

Dear Lord, thank you for all the opportunities to grow in Your Word. Now give me a teachable spirit and a heart that not only hears week by week, but does week by week. Help me savor the Gospel so that my heart will be compelled to act. Help me know you more intimately as I commit to apply what I learn. Amen.

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